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Monday, July 17, 2006

Knitting Essentials

Knitting Essentials

Here's the last installment in our knitting essentials series about choosing yarn.

“Substituting Yarns”

It may happen that your desired yarn may be unavailable
in the market or it may be too expensive according to your
knitting pattern.

In such cases, you can substitute a yarn that will work
the same for you. For example, you can use smooth cotton
yarn in place of fluffy mohair.

Before replacing the yarn-type, be sure to consider the
yarn demand of the knitting pattern. The weight of the
yarn is another important factor that you should take
into consideration.

I hope you are enjoying these small tips of advice. For more knitting advice both simple and more advanced you can take a look at this amazing offer for the Knitting Essentials information-packed book by clicking here.

If you're like me, you sit and knit in front of the TV. In my family it has turned into a major event every night because we now have a new home theater system. I may have to move out of the room when I knit as I was so engrossed in the movies last night that I actually dropped several stitches, just like a beginner!

Well I hope you have enjoyed the tips we have been giving and look forward to you checking back for more.

Knitting Essentials

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